Impact Communication

Impact Communication

This course is about learning to communicate with your fullest self-expression by delivering appropriate, clear, and impactful verbal communication. Whatever your goal in life, you will significantly shift the way you connect and communicate with those who matter to you.

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A 2-hour weekend class, once a week for 12 weeks.

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Why do you need this course?

Goals & Dreams

The need or desire to communicate arises because we have a goal. And so, we want to carefully orchestrate our speech, i.e. our language and choice of words, if we want to achieve our goals and dreams.


Language shapes our behaviour and each word we use carries a meaning. Although we are born with the gift of language, research shows that we are surprisingly unskilled when it comes to communicating with others.

Right words

The right words spoken in the right way can bring us love, money and respect. Whereas, the wrong words in a wrong situation can lead a country to war.  We often choose our words without thought, oblivious of the emotional effect it has on others.


We talk more than we need to, we listen poorly, without realizing it, and we often fail to pay attention to the subtle meanings conveyed by facial expressions, body gestures and the tone.

You want to cause results at work and in other important places in life. But, the more you strive to drive the results, the more they misunderstand, debate, defend themselves and walk away. You further feel hurt and lost about how to take anything forward.

This course is created to find that middle path with people. It will help you to craft your message in a way that it is considered and allows people to see your point of view progressively.

Challenges you may be facing

We all go through various challenges while communicating.  The course will help you to impactfully address these…

  • I don’t intend it but people are hurt by my way of speaking.
  • I find it difficult to put forward my thoughts in a structured and logical manner in front of seniors. I fear judgement.
  • How do I effectively communicate my ideas without being diplomatic or ambiguous?
  • How do I say ‘No’ without offending people?
  • How do I deal with difficult people?
  • How do I communicate with my family in a way that allows a healthy environment instead of a stressful one?
  • How do I network or engage with people without feeling fake? Can I have an agenda-less conversation?
  • How do I become my fullest self-expression?

This is what the course offers

  • In Classroom 1, you will use a diagnostic tool – that helps you discover the verbal patterns that you have fallen in and are not allowing you to create a progressive speech.
  • In Classroom 2, you will learn to distinguish between presenting facts and presenting opinions. Unknowingly we mix the two while speaking and that impacts how our message is perceived.
  • In Classroom 3, You will learn the vocabulary for identifying emotions that help you understand yourself and also the other person you wish to connect with. This is where you step in to raise your E.Q.
  • In Classroom 4, You will learn to identify the needs of others and be able to communicate with them using WIIFM (What’s in it for me?)
  • In Classroom 5, You will learn to articulate your needs by making requests that heighten the chances of a ‘Yes’. You will develop the assertive skill of saying a ‘No’ and disagreeing with ease.
  • In Classroom 6, You will unlearn the way you already listen and begin on a whole new path of Listening.
  • In Classroom 7, You will learn an essential part of networking – having meaningful conversations. All the way from initiating conversations as small talk and then taking them to a direction where you and other person connect deeply and with impact!
  • In Classroom 8, you will get the icing on the cake with a practical science on how relationships bond.

Course Structure

12 weeks Online Sessions

  • 12 LIVE online sessions across 12 weeks (led by Mira Swarup)
  • Each session is for 2 hours
  • Receive the following after every session:
    • Reading material
    • Session’s video recording
    • Assignments

Community Meetup
(After the 12 classrooms)

  • Monthly engagement
  • To practice what you have learnt
  • To learn and apply new tools of communication

Read what participants say about the course

The Impact Communication Course clearly exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it for others to attend as so much value is included in it! Coaching covers a practical and ‘actionable nuggets’ manner, and, to inspire and engage us to fully take on and continue our own journeys with impactful communication!

Anna-Karin Kruse

I found this course to be very powerful & transformative because it changes u from the core. It forces you to look at conflict from a different perspective. Mira is an excellent coach, the best in her field and a wonderful human being.

Jyoti Sandhu

It’s elaborated very well about how to communicate, behave, response, act, mingle, self-motivation, confidence and most importantly how to be in a lovely family. It’s really a game-changer for personal and professional life. Many thanks to our mentor Mira. 🙏🏻

Saravanan MR

The course is the best investment one can do on themself

Aishvarya Nair

Its been an amazing experience and so wonderful to know and understand my own self and this helps a lot to understand others – the perfect guide to very impact communication with everyone

Gita Sethi

The Impact Communication workshop is beautifully designed and takes the participants through a life-changing experience.

Shalini Kalia

When my manager sometimes gets into micromanagement, I would earlier feel upset or think that I’m incompetent. But now I facilitate a good conversation so that I can listen to him and understand a different perspective. And it is also helpful for me to help the team in finding solutions by themselves.

Nisha Nag, Associate Director (Digital Marketing Company)

I have changed my conversation style with Sr. Management from pushing to listening. Clients are more involved and responding to emails much more. There is a shift from core sales pitching to highlighting how the customer will benefit.

Rahul Kant, Head of Sales (An FMCG Company)

In earlier conversations with my sister (stressed over her career), I would take on advise mode and give a lecture. The result – Argument! But now, 1. I apply empathetic listening to enhance her experience. 2. Don’t ask her to “feel” happy or cheerful . She now solves her own problems and we talk for long.

Shashikanh Roy Clark, CEO ay Construction Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an English language course?

No this is not a language course where you will learn grammar usage or accent neutralization. Instead, this course is to help you communicate effectively with people who will help you to achieve your goals.

How time intensive are the 12 weeks?

2 hr per session and 30 min for the assignments is the expected commitment each week. The course will demand your intention more than your time.

1 ON 1 Attention?

The programme offers a 1-on-1 with Mira twice during the 12 weeks. And she tries her best to make herself available for a 30-min connection when a participant shares a need.

Does this course include Presentation & Public Speaking Skills?

No, this course does not include Presentation & Public Speaking Skills. Mira can coach you on Presentation Skills 1-on-1. Write to for any questions.

If it helps to know – she is working on creating another course called “Executive Presence” that will include this and more.

What if i miss a session?

Recordings along with study material will be shared post every session. It’s recommended to attend at least 6 classrooms across the 8 weeks.

What is the usual profile of participants?

The participants are a mix of Mid-level managers to C-Suite executives. A certain percentage includes entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Is the course fee refundable?

The course fee isn’t refundable but is transferable to a later course at no extra cost.

Do I get course certificates?

Yes, the certificate is available on request.

Not convinced yet?

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