Corporate Training

Corporate Trainings Offered

Mira executes and delivers successfully corporate courses to address the specific needs by focusing on Impact Communication and Executive Presence

Business Etiquette

Mira works with firms to design and execute a personalized business etiquette training curriculum for corporate employees. This is applicable across Interns, new hires, mid and senior-level management.

  • Body Language and posture – Sitting straight, Standing tall, Carriage and gait, Making an entrance, Leaving a good impression, Understanding every-day body language signals
  • Effective introductions and greetings
  • The handshake – the correct way of doing it
  • Exchange of business cards
  • Meetings. Board Rooms. Conferences
  • Seating protocol – placing people correctly
  • Small Talk – that doesn’t involve the weather
  • Etiquette related to business entertaining and gifting
  • Protocol in business-related social engagements

Cource Details

Cross-Cultural Sensitivity and Travel Etiquette

  • Importance of International Manners & Etiquette
  • Country specific information on the do’s and don’ts of business etiquette
  • The Global Ambassador – Appearance, Public behavior and communication
  • Art of Conversation in a social gathering, with Asians, Europeans, Americans, Africans
  • When a Director or a CEO visits overseas-Etiquette related to specific countries
  • Dealing with a VIP
  • Faux pas and other situations
  • International Etiquette related to food and drinks
  • Hospitality & Customer service expectations
  • Invitations and response
  • International Business Gift Giving
  • Travel Etiquette
  • Gender, generational, and culture-based differences in work style and motivation

Workplace Civilities – Ethics and Behaviour

  • General office courtesies
  • Off-site and office party etiquette
  • Meeting Etiquette
  • Social networking
  • Business networking
  • Building Relationships
  • Work culture (Awareness of how it shapes)

Further Customized Programmes for

  • Individuals (Teens and Adults)
  • Schools and Colleges

Styling for Executive Presence

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Creating a great 1st impression/
Business Etiquette
>> Understanding the key to creating influence
>> Body Language – Identifying the key cues and enhancing one’s personal image.
>> Networking without the awkwardness in it
>> Meaningful conversations to jumpstarting connections

Power Dressing & Grooming
>> Origin of Power dressing & it’s role
>> Current trends in Indian and international business dressing.
>> Appropriate attire for conferences, formal and informal business meetings. 
>> Use of appropriate accessories – ties, belts, shoes, bags, briefcases, jewellery etc.
>> Personal Hygiene  –  Hair care, after shaves, eau de toilettes’ and colognes
Fine Dining>> Formal, multi course, sit-down dinners – protocol and procedures. 
>> Buffet meals – the dos’ and don’ts’ of it.
>> Use of crockery, cutlery, glassware, napkins, at formal and informal meals.
>> Eating etiquette – practical session on eating with forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks & bowls.
>> Eating Indian meals and etiquette related to it.
Basic information on wines
Presentation Skills & Public Speaking>> The confidence to deliver effective presentations
>> Strategies for managing nerves
>> A clear framework for structuring a presentation
>> Methods for highlighting and emphasizing key messages
>> The skills to use and control your voice more effectively when giving presentations
>> Practical techniques to interpret and engage your audience