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Impact Communication – 10 weeks Communication Gym

This course is about learning to communicate with your fullest self-expression by delivering appropriate, clear, and impactful verbal communication.

Whatever your goal in life, you will significantly shift the way you connect and communicate with those who matter to you.

The next batch starts on

21 Mar 2021

I am a communication coach and I help people achieve their goals by shifting the way they communicate.

Over the years I have trained hundreds of professionals to present their thoughts and themselves with Impact.

It pains me to see when our communication lacks a clear intent and keeps us stuck with no outcomes.

I believe our goals are satisfactorily achieved when we bridge the gap in our personal & professional relationships.

My purpose is to help people bring a shift in their relationships – one word at a time.

Our family of avid communicators is growing and be part of the journey


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Language shapes our behaviour and each word we use carries a meaning. The right words spoken in the right way can bring us love, money and respect. We want to carefully orchestrate our speech if we want to achieve our goals and dreams.

Mira works with firms to design and execute a personalized business etiquette training curriculum for corporate employees. This is applicable across Interns, new hires, mid and senior-level management.

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“When my manager sometimes gets into micromanagement, I would earlier feel upset or think that I’m incompetent. But now I facilitate a good conversation so that I can listen to him and understand a different perspective. And it is also helpful for me to help the team in finding solutions by themselves.”

Nisha Nag, Associate Director (Digital Marketing Company)

“I have changed my conversation style with Sr. Management from pushing to listening. Clients are more involved and responding to emails much more. There is a shift from core sales pitching to highlighting how the customer will benefit.”

Rahul Kant, Head of Sales (An FMCG Company)

“In earlier conversations with my sister (stressed over her career), I would take on advise mode and give a lecture. The result – Argument! But now, 1. I apply empathetic listening to enhance her experience. 2. Don’t ask her to “feel” happy or cheerful . She now solves her own problems and we talk for long.”

Shashikanh Roy Clark, CEO ay Construction Company